The Sheraton Hotel is located across from The Conference & Event Center Niagara Falls and is just a short walk to the beautiful Niagara Falls State Park.


Sheraton Hotel  •  300 Third Street  •  Niagara Falls, NY 14303



$89 per night* – each room sleeps 4 people

Just $22.25 per person per night!

Free parking throughout the conference

A saving of $20 per day!


  1. Rainforest Café Restaurant

  2. TGI Friday’s Restaurant

  3. Starbucks Coffee Shop

  4. Beautiful Indoor Pool (w/ fish & shark tank)

  5. Special guest room configurations


Reserve your hotel room(s) at the Sheraton Hotel online now:

* Note: Please understand your bill will show a $24.95 amenity fee, but you will not be charged that fee as a guest of Niagara ’19. It will be waived for Niagara ‘19 attendees and will be deleted from your bill upon arrival at the Joshua Revolution Conference.

Sheraton Hotel is the Official Hotel of Niagara ‘19

Your stay in the Sheraton Hotel will help Joshua Revolution to offset the cost of meeting space, Exhibit Hall rental and other costs associated with Niagara ’19. We are asking and encouraging all groups and individuals planning overnight stays during Niagara ’19 to book their rooms with the Sheraton Hotel to help us avoid low usage penalties.

Thank you so much for your cooperation!