School violence is on the rise and many of our youth are afraid to even go to school, fearing that their school could be next. Since that horrible day on April 20, 1999 at Columbine High School, our schools have at times looked like a war zone. So many have lost their lives or been injured with crippling disabilities. Why has this happened and why does it continue to happen?

The values being taught in many of our schools are the opposite of what the Bible teaches. Most of our young people have no idea how much God loves them and how far He went to save them. Most of today’s youth don’t believe there is a judgment day coming or that Hell is a real place. They don’t know how to receive Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.


Both American and Canadian schools need a spiritual revolution like never before. Joshua Revolution believes God is birthing one last revolution in this generation before He comes. Come to Niagara ’19 and be motivated and equipped to reach the “Z Generation” (Gen Z), as it has been labeled. 

The mission of this conference is to bring every young person and adult to the Cross of Christ so they can experience “the Power of God unto salvation” (Romans 1:16). We also want to see every student and leader trained and empowered by the Holy Spirit so they can be a bold witness to this generation. 

At Niagara ’19 students will be challenged to be missionaries at their schools and will be trained in and motivated for campus evangelism. Each student, youth leader and family will leave Niagara ’19 inspired and ready to be “salt and light” in a dark world. 

Youth pastors, youth workers and parents will be taught in their own workshops on how to effectively coach students in a student-led campus ministry. Each adult will see the specific role they can play in this “Youth Revolution.” Topics covered will include: being a campus coach, initiating community-wide prayer for the local schools, how to get a Bible into the hands of every student, holding on-campus evangelistic rallies and much more.